Since 30 June 2011, it has been official: Germany is to phase out nuclear energy and all nuclear power plants are to be switched off by 2022. The main reason for this is the first reactor explosion at the Fukushima plant in Japan on 12 March 2011 and the “maximum credible accident” that has been waiting to happen there ever since.

Since Fukushima, more and more people all over the world have been casting serious doubts on nuclear power, maintaining that there has to be another way.

This is an outlook that has been held for years by many people, including Vera Belsner, lawyer and Greenpeace volunteer, Yanna Josczok, a student on the regional board of environmental youth organisation BUNDjugend in North Rhine-Westphalia, and Martin Hausding, a broadcast engineer and Greenpeace activist. Their aim is to save the climate – without nuclear energy. All three protagonists devote their spare time to working towards this goal at a local and international level, engaged in public and private activities ranging from fun to radical.

The committed volunteers are delighted at the decision to phase out nuclear energy, but this does not mean that their work is done: they wish to continue devoting themselves to protecting the Earth’s climate.

We accompany the three climate protection volunteers in their everyday lives and during various activities and find out how they manage to fit this huge commitment into lives that are already chock-full with work, studies and family. And, above all, why.

All three are “perfectly normal” people – if they can incorporate this kind of work within their everyday lives, then so can the rest of us.


Director: Birgit Herdlitschke
Camera: Philipp Tornau 
Editor: Carsten Piefke
Production Manager: Monika Mack, Rolf Bremenkamp
Commissioning Editor: Johanna Holzhauer (WDR/tag7)

Martin Hausding - GreenpeaceMartin Hausding - GreenpeaceVera Belsner - GreenpeaceVera Belsner - GreenpeaceVera Belsner - GreenpeaceYanna Josczok - Landesvorstand NRW der B.U.N.D.-JugendYanna Josczok - Landesvorstand NRW der B.U.N.D.-Jugend