The Greens at their party convention in Hanover at the end of 2012. The party’s base has decided on their candidates for the coming parliamentary elections: Katrin Göring-Eckhardt and Jürgen Trittin. For all observers, this is the end of an era: the Greens are now officially bourgeois. When they first entered the Bundestag 30 years ago on 6 March 1983, it caused a political, media and cultural sensation. On a political level however, they were not really in agreement on what they wanted.

Disarmament and an immediate withdrawal from nuclear energy were the lowest common denominators. From the very beginning, the Greens openly squabbled about how these policies were to be achieved. No other party has sacrificed so many of its ideals to reach its current position. What was the price ultimately paid for these compromises? What remains of the dreams and political visions that they harboured en route to power? And how did the people themselves change?

"The Greens and the Power" is a documentary that explores the unfilled yearnings of the Greens for political truthfulness, how their ideas are translated into policies and how their perspectives inevitably change in the process.


Director: Annette Zinkant
Director of photography: Mathias Prause
Sound: Andrä Klaukien
Editors: Christian Becker, Julia Böhm, Martin Schomers
Sound engineer: Thomas Schwedes
Research: Michael Gerloff, Bärbel Fixemer (WDR)
Music: Henning Bornemann
Production managers: Monika Mack, Rolf Bremenkamp
Producer: Birgit Schulz
Editors: Wolfgang Landgraeber, Britta Windhoff (WDR)

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