Birgit Schulz

Managing Director, Producer & Filmmaker

  Birgit Schulz was already a successful photographer when she founded the company in 1993. Since then she has achieved remarkable success as a filmmaker and producer working in partnership with public television broadcasters throughout Germany. Her emphasis is on social-psychological exploration and in-depth portraits. Nearly all of her company’s productions have won national or international awards. She is a graduate of the EAVE training programme. Recently, Birgit Schulz directed BILDERSTURM’s first major cinematic documentary: “The Lawyers – A German Story”, which has won the 2010 Phoenix Documentary Film Prize.

Monika Mack

Journalist, Producer

  Freelance journalist and producer. After graduating with a MA from the University of Cologne, she worked in the PR and language transfer departments of the broadcaster ARTE in Strasbourg, for a postproduction/ subtitling company in Düsseldorf and for the WDR/ARTE department in Cologne. Her responsibilities included project management, language adaptation of international film productions and public relations. She has also completed various work placements in France and Spain. She is highly familiar with the requirements and slot definitions of the European TV stations. Since 2006, she has been working as a freelance producer and freelance production manager for the film production company Bildersturm. She is a graduate of the Eurodoc training program and, in addition to project development, PR and production management is also in charge of expanding international contacts and planning international co-productions.

Rolf Bremenkamp


  Before starting work with Bildersturm in January 2010, Rolf Bremenkamp worked at the Munich-based film production company Tangram and was responsible for project coordination and project development, as well as for the cooperation with international coproduction companies. He not only has a BA in Media Science and Geography, but he also possesses a qualification as an industrial clerk, which is highly advantageous for drawing up calculations and controlling the budget of Bildersturm’s projects. Thanks to his experience in the fields of copyright clearance and archive research, as well as his knowledge of the fields of postproduction of complex film projects, Rolf is a very valuable asset for Bildersturm, particularly with regard to more extensive international co-productions. The projects he supervised for Tangram Film include international feature-length co-productions such as “To Russia with love” or productions with re-enactments such as “The Secret of the Snake Goddess” and “Ghetto/ An Unfinishe film” (German/Israeli coproduction).

Sabine de Mardt

Partner & Producer

  Sabine Mardt (née “Müller”) started out as a a production manager and line-producer in the early 90s before becoming a producer. She has worked on numerous German and international productions, feature films and documentaries which were shot all over Europe, Canada, the USA and South Africa. In addition to her long-term collaboration with the Cologne-based Gemini Group and Eyeworks, she joined BILDERSTURM in 2004 in a management and production capacity. Her filmography as a producer includes films such as the international co-productions “Meurtre à l'etage” (French-German TV movie), “Americana” (US-Dogma movie), “Marlene Dietrich her own song” (US-German theatrical documentary), Triggermen (US-German theatrical movie), Le silence de Lorna (French-Belgium-German theatrical movie)