It is boom time for freedom. Or so it seems. Having thrown off the yoke of paternalism and obedience associated with traditional societies, we are now free to make our own individual decisions. We can go where we like, decide where we want to live and work, and choose our own life partner. The shelves in the hallowed halls of consumerism are always full – we just have to reach out and make our choice. The ocean of possibilities seems boundless. In the multi-option society, however, freedom comes with a hefty price tag of its own. Is it fair to say that, in modern life, every freedom inevitably leads to a new pressure, a new dependence?

The documentary film “Price of Freedom” takes a long hard look at the promises of freedom made by the consumer and performance society. In her radical analysis, social philosopher Prof. Marianne Gronemeyer debunks the illusion that boundless freedom of choice is what drives a growth-obsessed society. The film also portrays two members of the young generation who are pursuing their very own dream of freedom, while transcending the notions of consumption and competition. Jonathan Ries, a modern nomad, calls his home the “European wilderness”. Musician Marina Xafolidi lives in Greece, where the notion of a free society originated in ancient times.


Script & Director: Marita Loosen-Fox
Director of Photography: Timm Lange
Sound: Sebastian Stahl
Editor & Dramatic Composition: Marc Schubert
Sound Editor: Maximilian Dederichs
Speaker: Sigrid Burkholder, Jennifer Frank
Sounddesign: Katja Teubner
Colour Correction: Dany Schelby
Compositing: Alexander Weuffen
Production Manager: Rolf Bremenkamp, Monika Mack
Producer: Birgit Schulz
Commissioning editor: Thomas Janssen

A Bildersturm film production for ZDF / 3sat

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