Germans are usually the first to distrust themselves. No other country in the world has as many monuments to its own disgrace. In May 2013 the BBC asked 28 countries to choose the most popular country in the world. The choice fell on Germany! In recent years it has become a country that people around the world set their sights on: Spaniards, Danes, Greeks, Iranians, Portuguese and Syrians seek a future in our country. It is not just the flourishing economy that appeals to them, but also the quality of life and freedom of thought. Immigrants often react with unbridled enthusiasm when asked about Germany.

These immigrants tell us stories about our country that are surprising, touching and eye-opening. Speaking with great sensitivity, they introduce us to the positive aspects of Germany without sweeping problems under the carpet.

Israeli painter Eldar Farber lives in Berlin and loves the quality of the light and the country’s forests. He views the Germans’ fragile sense of identity as a real opportunity for development in this country. Turkish human rights activist Seyran Ates is delighted with the German constitution because it guarantees her the freedom to openly express her political opinions without fear of reprisals. Afghan translator Rahim Nagibulla, who stepped on a landmine in his home country, has become an enthusiastic athlete with the help of German prosthesis technology, and he is training for the Paralympics where he will represent Germany...

They all rave about a German lifestyle that is more exciting for us to discover than taking a trip to an exotic country. It is precisely this view from the outside that opens our eyes and allows us to see our homeland in a totally new light. We embark on a humorous journey of self-discovery that ultimately gives us a better understanding of who we are...


A film by Birgit Schulz and Luzia Schmid

Director of photography: Saschko Frey
Sound: Dennis Broer
Editor: Katharina Schmidt
Production managers: Rolf Bremenkamp und Monika Mack
Producer: Birgit Schulz

Commissioning editors: Britta Windhoff (WDR), Barbara Biemann (NDR) and Ulrich Gambke (BR), for the ARD

A coproduction with WDR, BR and NDR
Subsidised by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW

Original title: Zum Glück Deutschland - ein neuer Blick auf unser Land

Trailer / German version:

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