“People always say that fados are sad. But they simply accept sadness as part of life. There is room for both sadness AND joy in a fado. Fados turn them into art. Or into light. The light at the end of the tunnel.”   Fadista Cuca Roseta 

When Portuguese fado singer Amália Rodrigues passed away in October 1999, three days of national mourning were declared. On the day of her funeral, an endless stream of people followed her coffin through the streets of Lisbon. Amália Rodrigues was “the voice of Portugal”. A legend in her own lifetime.

The documentary film WE ALL HAVE AMÁLIA IN OUR BLOOD recalls the immortal queen of the fado, explores why millions of people were able to identify with her singing and introduces the women who seek to follow in her footsteps: fadistas in Lisbon today who know and love Amália’s songs. Even outside Portugal – in places like Berlin and Paris – there are artists who embrace the melancholy and yearning inherent to fado singing, creating their own interpretations and keeping the fado spirit alive.

Film-maker Hilka Sinning delves into Amália’s world and meets artists like Mariza, Cuca Roseta, Diana Vilarinho, Ricardo Ribeiro, Lizzie Levée and Maria Carvalho – all with a view to investigating the secret of the fado and its enduring fascination.


Director                 Hilka Sinning
DoP                       Timm Lange, Olivier Azpitarte, Ion Casado
Editor                    Christian Becker
Sound                    Johnny Farah, Lukas Muganga, Franck Ortega
sound mix              ping tonstudios
colour correction    Dany Schelby
graphics / title        Thomas Schmidl
achive research      Vanessa Christoffers-Trinks
Scout Lisbon          Claus Ruegner
Assistant editor      Sebastian Steimel
Producer                Monika Mack

Producer / managing director   Birgit Schulz Bildersturm Filmproduktion
Commissioning editors WDR    Martin Bürkl / Christian Nurtsch-Wesener

A Bildersturm Filmproduktion production on behalf of WDR in co-production with ARTE

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