Bildersturm Filmproduktion was set up in Cologne by producer and director Birgit Schulz in 1993 and has produced more than 50 documentaries for cinema and public national and international broadcasters such as ARTE, ARD, WDR, BR, NDR, SWR, RBB, ZDF and SRF. Bildersturm has built up an international reputation: Many of its films have been shown at international film festivals and were sold to international broadcasters such as NHK, RTBF, Canal+, HRT, SF, Noga, RSI, YLE, TVP, VRT, Aljazeera, DR, SVT.

The award winning cinema documentary film “The Lawyers – A German Story” by Birgit Schulz ranked among the top five German documentaries of 2009 and has won the Phoenix documentary price and two Grimme awards. The focus and editorial line of Bildersturm’s productions are creative documentaries on socio-political, cultural and art-related issues.

Numerous Bildersturm cinema documentaries celebrated their theatrical release between 2013 and early 2018, such as The Silence of Innocence and Richard Deacon – In Between by Claudia Schmid, The Lawyers - a German story by Birgit Schulz, The Price of my Life by Peter Scharf, DOMIAN – Interview with Death by Birgit Schulz and Voices of Violence by Claudia Schmid. In March 2016 Karin Jurschick’s film War and Games  celebrated its world premiere at the One World Festival in Prague, in 2017 Claudia Schmid's new film For all the World to see was released in Germany and Karin Jurschick's new film PLAYING GOD celebrated its world premiere at the HotDocs Filmfestival in Toronto. In 2018 Tokio Hotel - Beyond the World by Oliver Schwabe premiered at the Cologne Filmfestival and Bildersturm’s Missing Movies project was released: beyond borders - stories of freedom and friendship, a non-verbal episode film and 8 outstanding single short films from film makers all over the world for refugee children and their friends. The The Bachelor Time Bomb by Antje Christ and Dorothe Dörholt was nominated for the Grimme award 2018. Luzia Schmid’s new film The Branch I am sitting on  - A tax haven in Switzerland celebrated its world premiere at the Zurich film festival 2020 and Bildersturm’s co-production with Windmill film Silence of the Tides premiered at the idfa in Amsterdam 2020.

Birgit Schulz’ documentary The Illusionist premiered at the Film Festival Cologne 2022. In 2023 The Children from Korntal by Julia Charakter premiered at the Dok Leipzig Filmfestival and was awarded the DEFA Förderpreis.
In 2024 Petra Kelly – ACT NOW! by Doris Metz will celebrate its world premiere.

The focus and editorial line of Bildersturm’s productions are creative documentaries on socio-political, socio-historical and cultural and art-related issues.


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